Some of the highest profile retailers in Canada rely on our team to not only produce their campaign materials, but also collate, package, and deliver them all over North America.

We specialize in a wide variety of digital signage including:

  • Interior and exterior walls, windows and floor graphics
  • Transit campaigns: TSA's, ALRT's, Bus Kings, wraps, etc.
  • Hoarding, Site Signage, and Presentation Centre graphics
  • Arena and Stadium packages
  • POS, from small counter cards to larger than life standee's
  • Building wraps, site domination and vehicle wraps
  • Banners

Epic Imaging is an excellent source for your graphic needs!

Site Construction & Installation

Need several hundred feet of hoarding built? Or a side of a building wrapped in vinyl? However large or small your job may be, Epic's full-time on-staff installation crew will fulfill your needs.

Epic's installation crew are a handpicked group of skilled professionals. Our crew are proficient with wood & aluminum frameworks as well as vinyl installation. They are fully insured and have accredited certification on all lift apparatuses with fall protection safety training.

Need a lift? Epic's fleet of vehicles now includes a fully operating 50 foot hydraulic boom lift.

Vehicle Wraps

Applying a vinyl wrap to your vehicle is an excellent way to advertise your business, protect your original paint, or just simply look good when driving. Our installers are 3M and Avery certified and have experience with a wide range of cars, trucks, tankers and even airplanes. See our gallery.

Kitting & Fulfillment

We look for campaigns with all sorts of specialized items and come up with packaging solutions as needed no matter how many pieces are involved. We will also track and provide a detailed delivery report if you like. Our network of graphics installers extends from coast to coast. So whether your project is local, regional, or national - we can see it through until your image is placed in whatever city, town, or village you require.

Epic Earth

We believe in the philosophy that sustainable purchasing practices need to minimize negative environmental impact. Epic Imaging has adopted the process laid out by the Sustainability Network by which sustainability purchasing is a management process used to acquire goods and services in a way that gives preference to suppliers that generate positive social and environmental outcomes and integrates sustainability considerations into product selection so that impacts on society and the environment are minimized throughout the full life cycle of our products.

Sustainability purchasing entails looking at what a product is made of, where it comes from, and who made it. We buy goods and services taking into account not only the economic value for money (price, quality, availability and functionality) but also the environmental, social and ethical impact of these goods and services at a local, regional and global level.

Our Sustainability purchasing considers:

Plastics and Metals

  • What signs are made of and how they can be reused or recycled.
  • The energy, material and emissions "footprints" associated with its manufacturing and transport.
  • Who has made the signs and their components and how they are made, and under what working conditions.
  • How the signs will ultimately be disposed of from our recycling partners.
  • Whether the purchase needs to be made at all.
  • The type of inks needed for the signs.

Our range of objectives for our sustainability purchasing programs includes:

  • Waste prevention and reduction
  • Resource reduction
  • Pollution and toxin reduction
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Biodiversity maintenance
  • Wages and working conditions
  • Employee health and safety
  • Human Rights
  • Growth of sustainable economy
  • Support for local economy and social enterprises
  • Fair trade